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MC-Health members investigate a significant rangen of issues and topics in the health scienses.

Detailed information on research projects conducted by MC-Health members are reported on the websites of institutes and persons.

One of the priority areas in MC-Health research is health care research.

According to the  German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, health care research aims at "generating scientific evidence to improve health care quality and safety as well as the benefit and the sustainability of health care". Among others, the Federal Ministry thus supports Networks of Health care research.

Another funding agency for health care research, the Federal Joint Commitee emphasizes that health care research is to consider issues in real-world health care. The "Innovation Fund" program has two major pillars: in health care research, projects are funded which "generate the scientific basis for solving issues in the management, organization and in financing of health care", in health care approaches, projects are funded which implement new forms of health care.

MC-Health members are contributing to the following projects in health care research (projects details in German, only):

German Federal Ministry of Education and Research: Networks of health care research

Researcher Project

Prof. Dr. Grill (project lead)

Prof. Dr. Mansmann,
Prof. Dr. Leidl,
Prof. Dr. Sundmacher

Enabling participation by enabling Mobility in older patients - Evidence-based health care research network (MobilE-Net)

 Federal Joint Committee: Innovation fund, health care research

Researcher Project
Prof. Dr. Grill (project lead)
Prof. Dr. Leidl (contributing)
PrimaA-QuO: Optimized primary care for children and adolescents with psychological problems and disorders
Prof. Dr. Sundmacher (project lead) ACD: Accountable Care in Germany - Impriving patient care by provider networks and informed dialogue
Prof. Dr. Leidl (project lead) LQ_DMP: Qality of life in the disease management program COPD
Prof. Dr. Mansmann (contributing) ReVOn: Patient relevant benefit of new oncology drugs (health care research registry)
Prof. Dr. Sundmacher (contributing) KARDIO: Left ventricular catheterization for breast pain and coronary heart disease: Analysis of regional variation and treatment pathways to improve diagnostic quality
Prof. Dr. Sundmacher
(project lead)
ATP-Arztnetze: Division of labor in and performance of empirical outpatient networks, and of organiszed outpatient networks in Germany

Federal Joint Commitee: Innovation fund, health care approaches

Researcher Project
Prof. Dr. Sundmacher (contributing) MAKING SDM A REALITY: Full implementation of shared decision making in hospitals
Prof. Dr. Mansmann (contributing) FARKOR: Prevention of colorectal cancer in persons with risks in family history
Prof. Dr. Mansmann (contributing) ERIC: Enhanced Recovery after Intense Care
Prof. Dr. Sundmacher
TeleDerm: Implementation of teledermatological counseling in general practice
Prof. Dr. v. Kries
(project lead)
Prof. Dr. Leidl
Child*M*FIRST: Early multimodal, development-oriented and interdisciplinary intervention in children with migraine, using a structured therapy concept